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Texas Hold ’em is a popular poker game because it is easy to learn, exciting to play, and fun to watch (if that’s yer style). Old salts have been playing this game fer years. Now lads and lassies from all over are playing on TV and on the net. Before ye weigh anchor in search of yer share of the booty, best learn the rules of the game first, swabbie…


The game starts as two players are forced to make a mandatory ante.  These players rotate clockwise after each hand so that every player gets a turn to have to ante.  The first player to ante is called the Small Blind and must put in a fixed amount.  The second player is called the big blind and must put in double the amount of the small blind.  This is the starting point of each hand.  This mandatory amount will increase during tournament action and stay the same during cash games. visitez le site


To begin play, each player is dealt two hole cards. These are the only cards ye get fer yerself. All other cards are community cards and will be dealt face-up. After each players get their hole cards, the first round of betting begins. Here, and in subsequent rounds, ye will be given the option to check (if no one else has bet), raise or fold.  Ye must bet a minimum of the small blind if ye are attempting to raise.


After all bets are secured, it is time fer the flop. This is  the point when the dealer turns over the first three cards that will be shared by all players. After the flop has been dealt, players have the option to bet again. Next is the turn. This is when the dealer puts out a fourth card that will be shared by all players. Following the turn card being dealt there is yet another round of betting fer players. Keep in mind that ye are not forced to bet and ye may fold at any point if ye feel that ye will not win the pot. The fifth and last card is the river. The river card is the final  card that is dealt and it is also shared by all players. Following the river card is the final round of betting.  Finally the player with the best five-card hand between their two hole cards and the five shared cards is the winner.  There is much strategy and intrigue to playing this game.


Captains Tip: In Limit Texas Hold ’em, ye have a maximum bet per round, which means that ye are not allowed to bet all of yer chips in one hand. In Pot limit Texas Hold ’em, the maximum bet at any point prior to raising is the total amount in that is in the pot.  Fer example if there is $45 in the pot then ye may not place a bet higher than $45 prior to a raise. If playing No limit  Texas Hold ’em, ye are allowed to bet any amount equal to or greater than the small blind at any time, including going All In, which is the act of betting all of yer chips. Go Play!