Something is better than nothing in Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli

Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli

Hey, don’t knock it – that’s nearly enough to buy a jug of Pimms at the wedding!!

And considering I was around £170 down after trading the first of two tennis matches today I’ll settle for any green today.

Annoyed to have lost on the first match. Wasn’t even going to get involved today but Ginepri v Karlovic just seemed a no-brainer. Ginepri with little decent form of late and a loss of confidence. Karlovic nicely rested up with his service arm fresh to smash a succession of aces. So what happens? Karlovic gets broken early, and seemed so disinterested he may as well have not turned up. Even with the opportunity to level at one set all he lost a service game to love. Anyway, I was left with a hefty red early doors and worked it down to a more manageable figure. Took a risk at the end and increased my Ginepri red laying at 1.04 hoping for a couple of tiebreaker points for Karlovic and the chance to end all green but it just cost me more. Sigh. Still, the important thing was I kept the red manageable and didn’t chase.

Made the money back on the next Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli match – doubles between USA and Croatia – which again involved Karlovic. OK, the Bryan brothers are the bollocks when it comes to doubles at the moment but 1.12? Against Ljubicic and karlovic. With their serves? Couldn’t be anything but a lay really. And although I had the twins green for their break in the second a £192.56 profit on the game was more than satisfactory.

Anyway, a big thankyou to Phil over at Smiling Assassin for being the first person to link to my blog!

And a big WTF to Sky Sports. Who spent all week bragging about their live and interactive tennis service on the Hamburg Open. And then failed to show the final live yesterday. Preferring instead to screen recorded boxing, recorded cricket and rain interrupted golf. Nice one.

Trading style

Had a quick go at the Acasuso Stepanek semi today before heading out for a round of golf. Had my parents coming round for dinner in the early evening too so had to get some cleaning and foody stuff done with Emma.

Tennis matches where the underdog gets an early break (like Stepanek today) are usually great for trading. The in-game swings on the original underdog’s service games are larger than usual. But I’ve noticed since I started keeping this blog my trading style has become a little more cautious and I’ve not been capitalising so much on them. I think it’s partly to do with my starting bank and what I’m saving towards.

Still, a profit is a profit and I guess there’s no harm in being more risk averse. Just not as profitable either. I’ve always taken the view that small steady profits are the best way forward so I guess I’ve shifted a little closer to smaller steadier profits!! Well, here’s hoping anyway. It can, of course, all still go more than a little bit wrong.