Our friend of a friend wins another sanghoki pot


Jon Kalmar, good friend of Carbon sanghoki regular BullitPete has taken another pot away from Jerry Yang.

Jon raised preflop and was called by Jerry.

Both players checked their way round to the river, then after the river Jerry fired 1.5mil into the pot.

Jon quickly called and demanded Jerry show his hand, Jerry knew his he was beat and mucked handing the pot to Jon with his A-K.

BullitPete is hoping for a good result for Jon, as Jon is staying with Pete in Vegas and Pete has a stake in him.

Another great Jon Kalmar story

Jon wasn’t even going to play in the Main Event, in fact he went to the airport to switch to an earlier flight.

When he was told to change his flight would cost him $600 he instead went back to the Rio and played in a super satellite to pass the time.

He won that satellite and has turned that into a seat in this final table, and currently sits in fourth in chips.

Mid stacks get involved

Jon Kalmar made it 1mil to go and Hevad Khan reraised.

Jon layed down his hand and Hevad takes down the pot.

The mid stacks are finally getting to play some poker!

Hevad Khan kept the heat going and reraised another pot to win another 1.2mil

Jerry puts the heat on short stack

Jerry Yang moves all in over the top on a raise on from Lee Childs.

Lee goes into the tank and makes the call with KJ

The cards are flipped and its Lee KJ up against J8 from Jerry.

The flop came down all blank but with the turn delivered the 8 of clubs and suddenly Jerry has gone from dominated to the lead, and with a lonely jack in his hand, Lee’s only hope was a club on the river to make a flush on the river.

No club came and miraculously Jerry Yang has eliminated his 3rd player.

Down to 6 players and we arent even at the first break yet.

And 3 of the best players at the final table are gone already.

Watkinson puts Yang in the tank

Yang is finding more and more players fighting back at him with another player pushing all in against one of his big raises, with Lee Watkinson moving in all in over the top

There has been a long pause here as Jerry has asked for a count down on Lee.

Jerry makes the call and Lee Watkinson flips over A-7 only to be dominated up against A-9 for Jerry Yang.

2-6-4 on the flop and its all down to finding a 7 for Lee to survive and double up.

King on the turn.

Jerry Yang is literally praying for help, openly pleading for help from god to win the tournament.

Jack on the river and Lee Watkinson is eliminated, and Jerry Yang has moved further out in front, and has eliminated two of the best players on the table.

Another early all in.

Philip Helm got into another big pot with Jerry Yang.

After getting bullied out of a recent hand, Philip decided to get strong and came back all in after the turn.

Jerry Yang calls fairly quickly and we go to the river with a 39mil pot!!!!

The cards are flipped and we have Jerry with an A-K up against a flush draw for Philip.

No help on the river and Jerry is calling out praise to god as he storms into the chip lead with 45mil in chips.

Jerry Yang as now won 8 of 15 hands in this early action.