First Seals & Industry Acknowledgement Award From Situs Slot Online Casino Integrity Commission

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Player protection the goal


The Casino Integrity Commission ( CIC ) [ ] who offically opened on the 5’th of March 2004, has awarded its first quality seals to the Trident casino group and its industry acknowledgement award to Gambling Online Magazine.


CIC is a non profit organization founded in October, 2002. Operational costs are derived from yearly casino membership subscription, which includes the salary of its director. Excess funds at the end of each financial year are distributed to two nominated charities, yet to be announced.


Its core belief is that all players have the right to receive fair and honest dealings from online casinos of integrity and efficiency. The criteria applied are the same levels of fairness expected from any international land based casino.


This philosophy is the foundation of the following Togel Online casino guidelines, which members must meet before qualifying for the CIC seal of approval.



* Government gaming license or highly regarded in the online gaming industry for player integrity.


* 24/7 player Support via email, live chat & or phone service.


* Logs available to players on request and audited percentage pay out reviews.


* Pay out winnings within 8 days for electronic pay outs and 10 days for bank wires and checks


* Subscribe to truth in advertising, promotions and bonuses


* Have adequate deposits in escrow or bonded accounts to safeguard player interests


* Offer multiple pay out options


* Demand player ID before pay outs


* Have a proactive and compassionate commitment towards problem gambling.


Director of the CIC Joel Mikkelsen says, “There still is a void of trust for this industry. Casinos often have to contend with players who have less than honourable intentions. On the other hand, honest players in some instances are forced to jump through hoops to obtain their rightful winnings or bonuses.”


There is no quick fix solution, however the situs slot organization aims to draw on the knowledge and industry experience of its founder & director of the CIC who has had player experience since 1997, including portals and casino ownership over the past four years. To bridge the divide between reputable online casinos & legitimate players.